Sunday, 1 April 2012

For the most beautiful smile ever..!!

It had been an year,then..and what a year it had been..!!Broken your heart three times,'liked' almost every girl and well,...'Simran'.!!I was scared not of your love but of mine.!!Was I good enough??Had all that v had heard watching SRK together..was it all wrong??But in times of self-doubt,what gave me hope was the way u move your hand over my cheek whenever a tear dropped down,the way u told me,'Your superb.!!' I still can't thank you enough for that.!!You were one of the reasons,I studied.!!It was going to be our first day together..7th Feb 2010..and what a day it was.!!We talked endlessly on the phone but when I saw u I could say nothing at all.!!Deep down,I was kicking myself for not saying anything..but I couldn't.!! Then arrived the simile,engraved on the nature's hand..I held your hand in mine..for the first time.!!I still remember the surprised look u had.!!You couldn't stop staring me.!!Those were two people in their own world..the SRK world.!!I was the were my Anjali.!!I can't forget the feeling it was,once my hand's skin touched yours.!! It had been one and a half month since 7 was 31st March,2010.!!Boards were over but all the time..I was thinking,''How to tell you how I love u??' How to make you believe,I do??After all that I had done..none believed in me.!!I asked you something..u came out with a reply that crept through my flesh and heart..I was were you.!!But I still managed to hold my hand..and say,''I trust you.!!' I was scared of the trust,scared of breaking your heart..scared of breaking you cause somewhere it did break me,too.!!Breaking you still breaks me.!! Trust and love are two different things.!!I had got the Trust part,the Love part still secluded me.!!I did everything,I could.!!Asked your friends if u love me.!!Ask u indirectly,if u love me.!!I tried everything..and each time the reply was yes.!!I knew it was a yes.!!But the question can I ask you??An year of grief for can I ask you?? As the was case with me,in those days..I broke down the shackles and did ask you.!!You asked me,if I would break your heart again.!!Wish I could tell you that I can't..I just can't.!!You looked me in the eye..did what none them.!!You said..yes.!!It was 2 April,2010.!! Three years..I have been handling you.!!(iske peeche lolz aapnee aap lga lo.!!) Can I do it for a lifetime??

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A walk to remember......

(Wrote it on 20th Aug,2011,doesn't relate to the present) Loads of memories,few so bad, some moments of happiness,few so sad, Those good days, Much more than tears in rains, The quest for happiness,later to survive, After a few autumns,waiting for spring to arrive, Cuddles of laugher,thunders of joy, In there own world,a cute girl and a controversial boy, Two kids who always wanted to be together, much more than misery of not lasting forver, The world that smiled through the pain, much more than melancholic strain, Two people who couldn't resist thuderstorm of destiny, bonds shattered that wanted to last eternity, A world which was our very own, its loss even the nature mourns, An event that got the nature to cry, its eyes,much like ours,still not dry, The world where I was the prince,you my princess, Still a bliss, Now,the tearful eyes,the pain, We both lost,no gain, Wish I could dance,like I did in the rain, the feet don't move even they are fond of he memory lane, Things we both can mend, A question,was it really the end?? The movies and songs,so much fun, Are there still some movies n songs to come??

Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Talks to Remember....

Its been a day or two, But I've got the clue, A sweet girl,scared of being hurt, of being treated like dirt, A controversial boy,giving her a world of his own, two days,both haven't left their phone.!! He wants her to smile, only his number,she could dial, He wants her to dream, Happiness,to stream, He wants her to dance in the rain, is he doing it for her or is relinquishing his own pain?? She wants him to care, his madness,shocked,stare, She likes talking to him, asks him to be slim, she is afraid of doing things, smiles when he sings, its time,she spreads her arms, for the world may not do her harms, He smiles n she experiences a spark, is he the light,in her world,which maybe is dark?? Been a few days,more days to come, but its so much fun, The can't love each other, neither is he,her brother, they are two people,coming close, won't be thorns,just rose, The phone's ringing,again, happiness,insane, Both shall smile, will they go the life's mile??

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rahul....means to me

This is going to be really difficult.I am almost out of words but I'll try.So,the curtains have come down and the man known as 'The WALL' has retired.The praise is pouring in and so are the stats.People are busy rating his best innings,giving the number games.Somehow,I don't feel the need to.I have never been a man of numbers,really.For me,Rahul Dravid has an image beyond just being a cricketer.He's more,a lot more. I began watching cricket when I was seven years old.Age where barbies and ur associates and not bat and bowl.My first test match was at Chennai where India completed a series victory over Waugh's wonders to win the series in 2001.From that day,Rahul Dravid became my world.He almost forced me to take holidays to watch a cricket match.What a treat it was,the sizzling drives,the cut and most importantly,the sizzling sound of the bal hitting the bat when he defended.Wow!!What a world it was.I don't know if Leeds was his best or Adelaide....for me,everything he did was special.In my world,he became a superstar,the King.A man who for me was changing me.My friends used to loath me for my defense.I used to bat for two hours to score twenty runs.No shot in the air,it was just all defense.That what Rahul Dravid means to me.He's an institution in himself.Not just batting,came in my life the importance of hard work and dedication.I was never a wonder kid.I may have given up on myself had it not for been this man,who inspired me to try hard.He almost told me,come on,u can do it and somehow,I did.That's what Rahul means to me,he's my inspiration.
With good times,come the bad times and there were plenty.From his captaincy troubles to the period between 2008 and 2010,where I fought with everyone for him,cause he gave me the strength to fight.That's what Rahul means to me,my strength.He was dropped in 2007 from the ODI side and I said,he will come back and he did in 2009.He was again dropped at the age of 36,No one gave him a chance,i said he will come back.He did.The same person who gave me the message of him being dropped in 2007 gave me the message of his return in 2011.What a moment it was!!The times were tough for Rahul but I never lost hope cause he didn't.He never did.It would have been so easy for him to retire then,everyone would have said,'Great decision.He should go.'But he didn't.For a man who has had an entire career of pride ,it would have been unfair for him to go like this.Then came England,2011. This series showed the miracle of God.Rahul scored five test centuries and my man,was back.He inspired me to grow above the difficulties and fight,and I did.That's what Rahul is for me,reason I smile. I got messages telling me Rahul has retired and when the announcement was made,my world stopped for a moment.For others,he was a cricketer,for me he is my inspiration.I've practised to walk like him,to talk like him.It will be hard and what is more hurting is I could never watch him batting live,when I was in the crowd.i went for a test match but he was out minutes before.Hard luck.I always wondered what i will do and write when he retires and when now,he has,it has taken me two days to write something.Some one asked,'U cried??'I said no.I hate to admit it....I did.I still am.That's what Rahul Dravid is for me,smiles n tears,joy n happiness.He is what your best friend is to you,he's the heartbeat in my heart.Thanks Rahul Dravid for your services,I'll miss you when i watch cricket,i'll miss u when I don't for there's no one to follow when I'm in my bad times.My King Of Good Times has decided to walk in the shade.I wish,'Can I come along??'I'm sure he'll say no and fight yourself.I will.My friends,if i make mistakes,I apologise.The reason for me being me,is no more around.Love u,Rahul Sharad Dravid.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In there own world.....

We met in our first year of teen, U were beautfiul,I had a confidence rarely seen, It was a celebration night, For me,then,things could just go right, I was a star,or maybe not, but many battles u had fought, V talked all day, Still,many things were left to say, The day started with u and did not end, together,every second we could spend, Songs became romance,Movies,a joy, In there own world,a cute girl and a controversial boy.!! With every day,we came close, Love was now Jack and Rose, I held your hand u held mine, The moon was special,the sun now shine, The world was u,the world was me, your eyes and love,I could see, We grew up or maybe not, who knew the battles were to be fought?? Songs became romance,Movies,a joym, In there own world,a cute girl and a controversial boy.!! People said it was Autumn but I said Hi, and u replied and all they said seemed a lie, Ur birthday and my words, again,now fly,the love birds, we smile and come close, Love,again,Jack and rose, We grow up and may be yes, Love grows,no less, I hold ur hand,feel u in my arms, Apollogise for all the harms, Songs,now friendship n romance,movies a joy,(.....DON....DON) Happily in there own world,a cute girl and a controversial boy.!!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

What a dream,what a dream.!!

The wind blows,Time flows, Its d same place where v once met, Ive been waitin for u,since u left, U said ull come back soon, U said,I'm beautiful as moon, Its been days n years, Its cries n tears, U forgot the things u said, U forgot me like I dead.!! Whats in the war and the fight? Whats in showing ur might?? Come back,now,for us,for me, V await ur arrival,d stars n d sea, Bloody fights,nothing's right, Its for the nation??no its not, U forgot the battles v fought?? U come in my dream,take me in ur arms, the world is ours again,no harms, My dream is u,my desire is u, Love,everything v can do, the times are happy,again, The happiness and no pain, I keep my head on ur chest, Its d same place where v once met.!! People u said ull never come, U have died,said some, But here are in front of my eyes, Everything they said was lies, OR And then hit by the sound of stream, U hold my hand n say,only flow of happiness' streams U havent come n I realised, U have come,its true n I realised What a dream,What a dream.!! True my dreams.!!True my Dreams.!!

Monday, 20 February 2012

We r well....boys

'Aakhir ek ladki chahti kya han??'asked SRK n suddenly,RNBDJ became a classic.!!Anushka answered n all the girls sighed,'how true.!!'But no one ever wondered what do boys want.!!Over the years,with all the Rahuls n d Rajs sacrificing their lives,its the girls who have taken centrestage as to what their aspirations r in a relationship.!!But well we r....boys,humans,v do have some aspirations,some desires.!!

V r big liers,v will never accept it but v r weak inside.!!V love to cry but can't.!!Such is r grooming that v r always expected to be strong.!!Almost cold-faced with no emotions n desires.!!But there's none better feeling in this world for a guy to know that after all the day's work,he's going to be hugged by some one he loves,no matter how bad his day was.!!V love r girlfriends more than v love Manchester United or Sachin Tendulkar.!!V love u more than any piece of news,v love u more than r newspaper or anything in this world.!!But as SRK puts it,'Humein kehna nahiin ataa.!!'

V want u to tell us or show us that v matter,that v r d most important people in the world,that without us,ur day isnt complete without us.!!When v say I love u,v want u to hug us and say I love u,baby.!!

V maybe big flirts in our group but v always think of u,every minute.!!V dont mind boys flirting with u,v mind when u say 'love u' to him.!!V mind when u talk to him,d way u should talk to us.!!V dont mind u wearing shorts but v do mind when boys stare at u.!!Frankly,v cant stand that.!!V want u to be supportive n trust us cause no matter how strong v seem,v are not stronger than u.!!V r ready to do whatever u want but u tell us cause v find it hard to understand.!!V cant see u crying,v r not that strong.!!V dont mind u hugging ur best friends but v do mind when these last longer than ours did.!!

The truth is v boys r expected to be so strong that people forget that vr well....humans.!!So,v look for a girl whom v can tell what v feel,in front of whom v can cry.!!Tell that v love are parents but v can't.!!V depend so much on a girl because unlike girls,v cant cry in front of r dad and mom.!!V dont want them to think v r weak.!!

No matter what,v'll always love u.!!But v also have some aspirations n we want u to support us,to fulfill that.!!cause no matter what the world thinks,v may be rude n cruel but v r well....boys and above all.....humans.!!Normal humans.!!